My child is interested in something that isn’t covered by a traditional curriculum, what do I do now?

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It’s great when students start finding things that peak their interest, but it can be frustrating as well.  There are several things you can do:

  • If your student is over 16 check the local colleges and community colleges and see if there is an introductory course on that subject that they can take.


  • Go to and type in the subject and see what comes up.

For example my oldest daughter was interested in food science and I was able to find several books which were written for introductory college courses.  I then went to a used textbook site (Alibris was the one I used), and looked up the titles.

If you can find a previous edition of the book you can often get it for a small fraction of the full price of a new edition (colleges only use the latest edition of a textbook). There were obviously no tests so I had my daughter write summaries for each chapter she read for her grade.

She was able to get a lab credit by doing some experiments from this book, as well as a few others I discovered. She even did a presentation on it for the Rhetoric Team’s Original Oratory competition.

Be creative. That’s the great part about home schooling.

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