Virtual Tour of Mt Sophia’s New Home!

Posted on 05/24/12 in General, Mt Sophia Ideas, 10 Comments

Mt Sophia Academy is moving! We’ll be holding school next year at Newark Church of Christ on Salem Church Road.

Take a minute for this virtual tour with Mrs J:




  1. Mrs. Dekker

    Thanks for the eTour, Mrs. J!

    Posted 5-24-2012

  2. Rhonda Wampler

    Great Job on showing the new MSA facility. This is wonderful and such a blessing to accomodate the growth of the school. I will be praying for a smooth and stress-free transition. Please let me know how my family can be of help!

    Posted 5-25-2012

  3. Chris Duncan

    Awesome!!! What an incredible blessing. I, too, am praying for smooth transitions all around. If we’re in town during the move, we’ll be there to help out!

    Posted 5-25-2012

  4. Vicki

    Thanks, Rhonda! We’ll be calling on ya’ll!

    Posted 5-25-2012

  5. Vicki Tillman

    Thanks, Chris! We’ll check when we get the date to see if you’re free!

    Posted 5-25-2012

  6. Judy

    Yeah! We’ll help too!
    Rach says she is eager to help.

    Posted 5-25-2012

  7. Vicki Tillman

    Hooray! Thanks, Judy and Rach! We’ll be contacting you!

    Posted 5-25-2012

  8. Ann Tharp

    Awesome! Let us know how we can be of help.

    Posted 5-27-2012

  9. Vicki Tillman

    Wonderful, Ann! Thanks so much. We’ll be in touch.

    Posted 5-27-2012

  10. Jenna

    Thank you so much Mrs. J!! You don’t know how helpful this was to me as a soon-to-be student at MSA! (wow that sort of rhymed, wink wink ;)
    Oh and great job to whoever was behind the camera!
    God bless!

    Posted 7-3-2012

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