Why Should Your High Schooler Study Apologetics with Dr. Culley?

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Dr. Gerald Culley is Classics Professor Emeritus from the University of Delaware. He also really cares about MSA students and would like to equip them to understand and defend their faith. Dr. Culley has agreed to teach Apologetics for our kids again this year. This is a very rare opportunity: an expert teacher with his amazing powerpoints.

My son, Seth, took Apologetics with Dr. Culley last year. He came home talking about the things he was learning almost every week.

Don’t let this opportunity slip. Here is what Dr. Culley says about Apologetics:

“The Bible says it.  I believe it.  That settles it.”  For many Christians, faith is that simple.  But others have questions, and still others really struggle.  What about the Flood?  Did God destroy Sodom?  Is evolution real?  Was there actually an Exodus?  Did Joshua take Jericho?  Did an earthquake mark the crucifixion?  Apologetics doesn’t prove God or the Bible, but it does offer answers to questions that can trouble the faithful or deter the seekers.  Archaeology, history, astronomy and biology are providing increasing evidence that–contrary to what the skeptics claim–the Bible has been right all along!”

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