About Mt Sophia Ideas Blog

The culture of homeschooling has changed dramatically over the last 10 years.

Once upon a time, long time ago there was a community of homeschoolers who knew how to do everything. Do you remember them?

All the moms used A Beka and longed for alternatives and NEVER took the kids to the grocery store in the daytime.

They rehearsed answers to thought provoking questions like:

“Is that legal?”
“What about socialization?”
“Do your kids just sit around in their pajamas all day?”

They did not have to wonder about their philosophic basis for what they were doing- a handful of deep-thinking authors and speakers had already figured that out. These powerful folks educated the families on “the right way” to homeschool. That was nice, but soon the moms found that they felt they were forced into a mold AND when they showed up at events all were wearing the same denim jumpers- ugh.

They also found out that there is not a “right way” to homeschool. God made each child to be unique and to have unique educational needs.

So, some folks got together and founded Mt. Sophia Academy where the students could maximize each of their unique potentials. Each family had the responsibility to teach their children in the best way for their own needs and the family’s own ideals. (No “one right way” to homeschool.)

The children began to grow up and become influencers in their culture. (This is what happens when unique potentials are maximized- God uses them for good things.)

But what they began to miss guiding ideas- philosophies, pictures, stories, practical tips- that knit the community together in old times

Respecting the fact that there is not one “right way” to homeschool- the community invited idea spinners to share. Old timers and those still wet behind the ears. Philosophers, photographers, poets, parents, penny-pinchers, event preparers and others. All together to share ideas. That is how this blog was born.

Join us.

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