About Us

Mount Sophia Academy exists to assist parents in providing an excellent education for their students. The staff of Mount Sophia are committed Christians and this will be reflected in all our programs; however, people of all faiths are welcome in the school.

Our school mission is: Maximizing each student’s unique abilities; creating a culture for Christ.

Mount Sophia Academy has two major programs.

  • The diploma program: The diploma program is an accountability structure, with Mount Sophia holding the transcript and culminating in a cap and gown graduation. We are registered with the states of Delaware and Maryland as non-public schools, thus we serve as the liaison with these states for our students.
  • Classes: Our college-model classes are offered on Mondays and Thursdays. Some classes only meet one day, others meet both days. On days when not in class, students follow a syllabus to complete their work.

The Diploma Program:

The Diploma Program was started in 1996, with the first class graduating in 1998. This program is mainly high school, but we also accept 8th graders. The accountability consists of the parents and student meeting with an academic advisor two or three times per year (the final review for one year is generally combined with the set-up appointment for the next year). Mount Sophia assigns credits, sends the transcript to colleges, writes letters of recommendation, and awards a diploma.

To join the diploma program:  Fill out the Diploma Program Registration Sheet (one per family). Please fill out a section for each student (beginning with the oldest), circling whether you want that student to be part of the program. We will contact you by email to set up your first appointment.


We also offer classes on Mondays and Thursdays.  These follow more of a college model.  The classes are held once or twice a week, a syllabus is given, and students are expected to do the assignments at home.  The classes offered vary from year to year.

Parents retain the responsibility for student’s classwork supervision and success.

To sign up for classes: fill out the Class Registration form (one per student) and mail to us (see address below), with the non-refundable deposit for each class. Watch your email for information about orientation.


People can be in either or both of these programs.

Student athletes must be enrolled in the diploma program, as well as take at least one credit of their core subjects at Mount Sophia.

If you wish to join the Mount Sophia diploma program, please fill out the Diploma Program Registration form (one per family). To sign up for classes, please fill out the Class Registration form and mail it (along with the deposit for each class) to:

Mount Sophia Academy

            PO Box 9925

            Newark, DE  19714-5025

A day will be scheduled in late August for parents to come in to fill out the emergency card & other paperwork and set up a payment plan. There will also be an orientation for new students.

Our History

Mount Sophia Academy was founded in 1996 to provide academic support and accountability for high school homeschoolers in the tri-state area. Our objective was to provide powerful transcripts so that our students would be attractive to colleges and employers. Read More.

Our Worldview

Mount Sophia Academy exists to maximize each student’s unique abilities; creating a culture for Christ. We are founded on Biblical principles and our staff are committed Christians who pray regularly for our families, but we embrace people from every religious faith. Read More.