Our History

Mount Sophia Academy was founded in 1996 to provide academic support and accountability for high school homeschoolers in the tri-state area. Our objective was to provide powerful transcripts so that our students would be attractive to colleges and employers.

The first graduating class, in 1998, consisted of four students. Mount Sophia has turned out some high achievers, with about 80% of graduates going on to college and the rest entering the work force. MSA graduates serve in the fields of ministry, military, psychology, education, science and engineering. Some have even gone on to earn their doctorates. A number have become professional electricians, HVAC, and construction workers, among other occupations.

The name “Sophia” is derived from the Greek word for wisdom. Thus, the name “Mount Sophia Academy” was chosen to portray an image of strength in wisdom.

There are two aspects to Mount Sophia. The first is our high school diploma program. Mount Sophia keeps students’ records, provides a transcript, has a graduation, and interfaces with the Department of Education. We are registered with the Departments of Education in Maryland and Delaware.

The other aspect is our college-model classes where students attend class once or twice a week, then work at home following a syllabus. Students do not need to be enrolled in MSA to take classes, nor are enrolled students required to take classes at the school (except for Mount Sophia athletes).

MSA also offers a variety of social opportunities, including prayer and praise nights, plays, dances and a prom.