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Who is Your Homeschooler?

Posted on 07/29/11 in Education, Family, Life Skills, Mt Sophia Ideas, Philosophy, No Comments

Who is your homeschooler? If I ran into you in an elevator and asked you to describe your homeschooler(s), could you give me a one-minute answer? (This by the way, is called an elevator pitch.) If you don’t have an elevator pitch about your kids, maybe your mission has become fuzzy? Why are you homeschooling? [...]

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Homeschooling vs. School-homing

Posted on 04/02/10 in Education, Family, 1 Comment

While drinking my morning tea on April Fools’ Day, I stumbled across an article entitled, “Increasing Number of Parents Opting to Have Their Children School-Homed.” It’s from The Onion, a fake newspaper/news site, full of satire and spoofs of current culture.  And while I can’t recommend the site in general (it ranges from the completely [...]

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A Season of Pictures- Feb 12

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Helpful Tips for Cooking for a Crowd

Posted on 11/13/09 in Family, Life Skills, Practical Ideas, 6 Comments

Allison Thorp is the maven of “cooking for a crowd”. I asked her to give us some help as we launch into the holiday season.- Vicki I have been asked to share some advice on cooking for large family gatherings.  Although I am certainly no expert, I have had a fair amount of experience with [...]

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How to Live With Dust Bunnies and Enjoy Them

Posted on 09/21/09 in Education, Family, 4 Comments

“I learned how to live with dust bunnies and enjoy it.” I always like to feel I am contributing something useful to other folks’ lives. So that is what my sister-in-law gleaned a few years back, when she and her family stayed with us for a couple of weeks while they waited for their new [...]

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The Banana Peel at the Starting Line

Posted on 09/11/09 in Bible, Family, General, Life Skills, 3 Comments

by Sabrina Justison The runner is in place. Her shoes are double-knotted, her muscles stretched and warm, her body hydrated. She is wearing her favorite color of spandex, and her ponytail feels secure. Every muscle tensed, she waits for the sound of the starter pistol. But just as that pistol fires, some troublemaking knucklehead tosses [...]

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