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Tips for MSA Students Headed to College

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We share these You Tubes each year. Valuable information, if we say so ourselves  

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What Comes Next?

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Joshua Schea, MSA Class of 2011, spent his summer as an intern at Urban Promise and is now a sophomore at Messiah College majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy.  Here are his thoughts on his Mt. Sophia experience. Get up, get dressed, be at school by 8:00 and finish by 3:00…. Unlike most high school students, [...]

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Welcome Webmaster, Lisa Schea

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Since MSA has had a website, Angela O’Shaughnessy has been our site master. Angela has retired this year. We are very grateful for the many hours she has given to the site. Thanks, Angela. Lisa Schea is our new site master. She will be keeping things updated, post, and recruit posts. We’re so thankful that [...]

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The GOOF Rules

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Mt Sophia has some GOOFY rules for making a great school year. Here’s the scoop:

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For Our MSA Students Headed to College This Week

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MSA has lots of kids headed off the college this week. I thought they might enjoy this important list of oxymorons I found in the book “Seismic Shifts” by Kevin Harney- and some pointers on making friends and achieving academic success at college (check the You Tubes below for that). Oxymorons: Act naturally Clearly ambiguous [...]

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Social Success Tips for Homeschoolers Heading to College

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This being the season for graduation, I thought I’d share my vlog on social success at college:  

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Before You Graduate- Advice from a Graduate, Kyle Thorp

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I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned with those who are a few years behind me. This is for you, homeschool high-schoolers: five simple lessons you should learn before graduating, whether you’re going on to college or to a career. Hopefully you will learn a lot more than this, but these are the [...]

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Who is Your Homeschooler?

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Who is your homeschooler? If I ran into you in an elevator and asked you to describe your homeschooler(s), could you give me a one-minute answer? (This by the way, is called an elevator pitch.) If you don’t have an elevator pitch about your kids, maybe your mission has become fuzzy? Why are you homeschooling? [...]

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The Importance of a Having Personal Philosophy

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Did you know that philosophers rule the world? Really, they do. (However, the poor things usually don’t get to experience their reign because their philosophies catch on 10 years after they die.) Every day, you are influenced by what philosophers have philosophized into place for you. 1) How did your doctor tell you about the [...]

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Now and Not Yet- Kyle Thorp

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Kyle Thorp is a Mt. Sophia graduate, student at Grove City College, and son of Allison Thorp. This post is running concurrently on It’s Christmas Eve. For many years this was a day of torturous anticipation for me. I would be waiting eagerly to see what was in those boxes under the tree. But [...]

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