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Why Should Your High Schooler Study Apologetics with Dr. Culley?

Posted on 08/02/12 in Education, Mt Sophia Ideas, Philosophy, No Comments

Dr. Gerald Culley is Classics Professor Emeritus from the University of Delaware. He also really cares about MSA students and would like to equip them to understand and defend their faith. Dr. Culley has agreed to teach Apologetics for our kids again this year. This is a very rare opportunity: an expert teacher with his [...]

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Who is Your Homeschooler?

Posted on 07/29/11 in Education, Family, Life Skills, Mt Sophia Ideas, Philosophy, No Comments

Who is your homeschooler? If I ran into you in an elevator and asked you to describe your homeschooler(s), could you give me a one-minute answer? (This by the way, is called an elevator pitch.) If you don’t have an elevator pitch about your kids, maybe your mission has become fuzzy? Why are you homeschooling? [...]

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Organizations: People Making Decisions Together- Micah Tillman

Posted on 03/05/11 in Mt Sophia Ideas, Philosophy, No Comments

Revolutions seem to be the thing to do recently. In each we see a call for a change in leadership. And with a change in leadership, the people hope, will come a change in the ways their countries are organized. A country, in a sense, is just a large organization. Fortunately for us Americans, the large [...]

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The Importance of a Having Personal Philosophy

Posted on 01/17/11 in Life Skills, Mt Sophia Ideas, Philosophy, No Comments

Did you know that philosophers rule the world? Really, they do. (However, the poor things usually don’t get to experience their reign because their philosophies catch on 10 years after they die.) Every day, you are influenced by what philosophers have philosophized into place for you. 1) How did your doctor tell you about the [...]

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Now and Not Yet- Kyle Thorp

Posted on 12/30/10 in General, Life Skills, Mt Sophia Ideas, Philosophy, No Comments

Kyle Thorp is a Mt. Sophia graduate, student at Grove City College, and son of Allison Thorp. This post is running concurrently on It’s Christmas Eve. For many years this was a day of torturous anticipation for me. I would be waiting eagerly to see what was in those boxes under the tree. But [...]

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On the Reading of Old Books

Posted on 06/04/10 in Education, Philosophy, 1 Comment

I think C.S. Lewis wrote an essay with that title once. So I decided to borrow it. ____ I was thinking, the other day, about the Classics. You all make your children read them during the school year, and maybe even over the summer. And I bet you’ve all heard some complaint to the effect [...]

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Why Are We Here? (Part II)

Posted on 05/29/10 in Life Skills, Philosophy, Practical Ideas, No Comments

Mt. Sophia Academy- Intentionally maximizing our students’ unique abilities, creating a culture for Christ. Students’ Unique Abilities We firmly believe that God has placed into each child unique and beautiful abilities. No two students are alike, but they are all placed here on purpose by a purposeful God. At MSA, we want to help our [...]

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Figuring Out the Right Way

Posted on 05/14/10 in Philosophy, 1 Comment

This is Finals Week, here at the Catholic University of America.  But I’ve been talking to my friends at church who have kids in school, and they say they won’t be done till the middle of June! Oh the pain!  Can you imagine being in school till the middle of June!? Well, maybe you can. [...]

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Opting Out by Perry Mears II

Posted on 04/14/10 in Life Skills, Philosophy, 4 Comments

Perry Mears II, who was homeschooled back in the dark ages (otherwise known as the 80s), is currently a Lecturer in Music at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  He holds degrees from Lee University and the University of Maryland, College Park, and is also an alumnus of the Aspen Music Festival and School.  In addition [...]

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A Homeschooler's Identity

Posted on 02/05/10 in Bible, Philosophy, 1 Comment

Recently I’ve had the privilege of starting to teach a Sunday School class on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. All the snow in these parts has kept me from continuing to teach the class. But at least I started. One of Paul’s central concerns in the Epistle to the Romans is to help his Jewish [...]

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