Being part of the Diploma Program

As a part of our diploma program, each family must attend at least three consultations per year. New families in their first year of home schooling meet an extra two times at the beginning of the year, in September and October, or within a month of their initial consult.

Additional consultations for families who feel they need extra help may be requested at an additional charge of $30 per consultation.  Additional consultations may also be required if students are falling behind in their work, or for any reason, are put on academic probation.

The first meeting must be completed by August 31, or within 30 days of enrollment. At this meeting, the advisor will help set up the educational goals and program, giving advice on curriculum, electives, teaching styles, daily routines, logging credit hours, etc. The advisor, parent and student will complete a contract. The student will choose a mid-year and end-of-year date for completion of work.

A family enrolling a current high school student (for example, not an incoming freshman) must submit, to the reviewer’s satisfaction, one of the following items:

A transcript from a school that they are leaving, indicating credits attained.  This would also include those who have used a standardized correspondence school up to this point in high school.


A  credit hour log & portfolio for high school years earned at home, along with standardized test scores.

A second, mid-year meeting must be completed by March 31. At this meeting the advisor will review the year to date and aid in making any necessary adjustments to curriculum and goals. The family must supply credit-hour logs, portfolio, test scores, and evidence of contracted progress.

A year-end meeting must be complete by July 30. Most families combine the end of year meeting with the planning session for the following year. It is mandatory for the student AND a parent to attend this meeting.  The advisor will review the portfolio and interview the student. The advisor will also work with the parent to assign credits for the year using credit-hour logs, portfolio and test scores, and assign make-up work for the summer if necessary.

Mount Sophia Academy requires that grades be awarded for all classes.  The following scale will be used in order to maintain consistency in grading:

A             92-100%

B             82-91%

C             72-81%

D             65-71%

F              0-64%

Mount Sophia will not award credits for any classes with less than a final grade of “C”.

If a portfolio review is not completed to the satisfaction of the reviewer, the student may be put on probation. Any deficiencies must be made up during the summer months or the child must repeat the class during the following school year. An additional review will be set in order to determine whether the conditions have been met.  Partial credit may be given (For example, science may need to be repeated, but the other subjects are accepted.)

Conditions for dismissal will be set by the board in the best interest of the family’s needs, as well as maintaining the integrity of the diploma program.  Money will not be refunded for consultations that have already taken place.

Each student must take a skills assessment or college entrance test each year.  The parent must arrange for these tests to take place and bear the cost. If the test is administered by some other institution, parents will submit a copy of the results to the Mount Sophia advisor.

Member families must submit an attendance sheet showing 180 days of school unless there are extenuating circumstances such as prolonged illness.  A doctor’s note will be required for exemption from the attendance requirement.

The requirements for this program may be altered for a student with special academic needs upon the written recommendation of a recognized professional evaluator. If a child is diagnosed with special needs (or there are unusual circumstances), a master portfolio may be substituted for skills assessment.

Students from states outside of Delaware and Maryland must meet their state home school requirements in addition to being part of our diploma program.