Requirements for Student Athletes

In order to be eligible to participate on Mount Sophia sports teams, students must be enrolled at Mount Sophia Academy and currently taking at least one class at the Academy among the following core subjects: English, math, social studies, science, or foreign language.  Students must have been legally  in attendance at school in order to participate in a practice, scrimmage, or contest on that day.

Mount Sophia defines legally in attendance as a day that students do schoolwork which qualifies and is recorded as an official school day towards the 180 day state requirement. (minimum of three hours of work in core subjects).  An official Mount Sophia attendance form is filled out by the student’s teacher for that day.  This attendance form is collected by the coach and given to the athletic director to be kept in the student’s file at Mount Sophia Academy.    The student is also considered legally in attendance if they are excused due to a pre-approved commitment, such as court appearance, field trip, college visit, or medical appointment. For a weekend practice, scrimmage, or contest, students must have been legally in attendance at school on Friday .

Each student’s work is checked throughout the year and the student must be performing satisfactorily in order to participate in DIAA sports.  Grades are assigned at the quarterly portfolio review.  Students must be passing at least five credits, including those credits they are currently taking at the Academy.  Three of these credits must be in the core areas of English, math, science, social studies, or foreign language.  Senior students must be passing all courses which satisfy an unmet graduation requirement.  Any student who fails to meet these requirements will be put on probation and will be ineligible to participate in sports for the following quarter.

Mount Sophia Academy currently offers varsity boys and girls swimming teams and a JV co-ed soccer team.

Mount Sophia also requires our student athletes to sign a player contract, which emphasizes character and sportsmanship, as well as academic and athletic excellence.