Siblings Program


Mt. Sophia recognizes that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children.  As such, we do not wish to unduly burden parents with excessive or onerous regulations.  This is especially true of the elementary grades, when parents should feel free to structure the educational program according to the child’s (and family’s) needs and interests.  There is no one right way to home school your children.  However, there remains the need to provide an accountability structure and to maintain home schooling’s reputation for providing academic excellence.


Cost per family is $75.00

1.  Meetings

Each family will meet with their portfolio reviewer twice per year – for a mid-year (January) and end of year (June) review.  At mid-year, a luncheon is held for moms to meet each other, have their portfolios reviewed and network with other moms. It is strongly encouraged that parents attend this meeting; if you absolutely can not attend the meeting, another time must be arranged.

Families new to home schooling will also meet with their portfolio reviewer at the beginning of the first year to review their goals, curriculum, and plan.

2.  Attendance

Each family must complete 180 days of home schooling and keep a record of these days.

3.  State Laws

Each family must comply with the laws in their state of residence.

4.  Testing

Testing will be completed in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades and by any new home schooling family for children over second grade (to establish a baseline).  You may test every year if you prefer, but it is not required.  Testing will be offered by Mount Sophia for third grade and up, cost to be covered by the family.

5.  Instruction

At minimum, age- or ability-appropriate instruction must be provided in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education / Health & Safety

6.  Goals and Evaluations

Each family must provide written goals and a short evaluation for each child in each subject.  A form will be provided, but the parents are not restricted to this form as long as the information is provided.

7.  Discrepancies in Portfolio Review

If a portfolio reviewer has questions that the educational requirements are being met, he/she may require that the family meet with Vicki Tillman (or another designated educational consultant) at Mt. Sophia’s expense.  If more than one meeting is necessary, subsequent visits will be at the family’s expense.  (This includes a requested meeting with another advisor.)